Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Resistance is Building

As I sit here, overlooking the vast cityscape that lays before me, my mind begins to wander. I hear the voices of past generations ring in my subconscious like the overbearing tone of a church's bell. Before everything changed, people spoke out. There were rebels, young and old, taking to the streets screaming at the top of their lungs, hoping that their anger will not fall upon deaf ears.

That was back during a different time, that was before everything changed.

Flags billowed in the breeze, fists flew in the air, ideals and hope echoed up and down the alleyways of freedom.

That was back during a different time, that was before everything changed.

I often ask myself, "why?" Why have we stopped? Why do we listen to the lies that these
fat cats feed us? Why have we become the sheep we have tried so hard not to become?

Its amazing...the view from "The Zone" I mean. I can see why they wanted it so badly the leaders of "The Party." The scourge of the free world.

Though my comrades may sit idly by and watch the world fall into this "orderly chaos" I cannot stand for it.

It is time my friends. It is time we STAND UP AND FIGHT. A new era is near, and I plan to help you to my best abilities. You see, I have become... close... with a few members of the Party. I know information that could ultimately bring them down. That is why I need YOU! Join me my friends! JOIN ME AND FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT.

This message is for "The Party." Your age of
Tyranny is over. It's time that you are stopped.

I am the wrench, In your plan. I am the voice of reason.

Expect me.


“It is impossible to win the race unless you venture to run, impossible to win the victory unless you dare to battle.”
-Richard M. DeVos


  1. Go LW! Lets knock those Party bastards back under the rock we dragged them out from. We shoulda left them to deal with the Dragons on the their own. They needed us all those years ago and look how they treat us. Making us run around in tunnels underground. Like rats. The sooner we bring those ivory towers down the better. Tomorrow, the Gordians will be having the Party clean OUR TOILETS!

    LW, we all stand behind you! Lead us!

  2. There will be a reckoning...