Thursday, August 13, 2009

Search for L.W.

As a disclaimer, this post is heated and anger fueled.

Rumor has it the Proscripts are searching for me, I am not scared, let them try and find me. My peoples suffering will be brought to light. I can no longer sit back and allow these injustices to take place. My people suffer in the tunnels while the Proscripts sit and enjoy the view from their verandas. They do not see the light often and work so hard in the tunnels so the Proscripts can live such great lives. My people do not even have the pleasure of such simple knowledge of books or music. The only things they hear are the sounds of idle chatter from the streets above, every day it is something about Archie Rebel this and Archie Rebel that, but my people only know that he is some actor or something. They cannot see or hear anything he is in and it is a shame they do not have such simple pleasures. WE work hard to do dirty work so the Proscripts can live in style! Why should we continue to be slaves? They say WE are happy with the way we live...who could be happy living in the underground? Their story must be told, I will not let this continue on, my people will rise again. We lost our kingdom, sure the Proscripts took us in, but they USED us to rebuild THEIR kingdom. We did all the hard work and yet we are forced to live in the tunnels! The Zone is a lovely place, IF you are lucky enough to be outside the tunnels to see it. I count myself lucky, but I will fight for my people! Proscripts hear me, I am all that you have heard, I am the leader of an extremist group and I am out to free my people from their suffering! Proscripts beware, I am everywhere!

I am...


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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Resistance is Building

As I sit here, overlooking the vast cityscape that lays before me, my mind begins to wander. I hear the voices of past generations ring in my subconscious like the overbearing tone of a church's bell. Before everything changed, people spoke out. There were rebels, young and old, taking to the streets screaming at the top of their lungs, hoping that their anger will not fall upon deaf ears.

That was back during a different time, that was before everything changed.

Flags billowed in the breeze, fists flew in the air, ideals and hope echoed up and down the alleyways of freedom.

That was back during a different time, that was before everything changed.

I often ask myself, "why?" Why have we stopped? Why do we listen to the lies that these
fat cats feed us? Why have we become the sheep we have tried so hard not to become?

Its amazing...the view from "The Zone" I mean. I can see why they wanted it so badly the leaders of "The Party." The scourge of the free world.

Though my comrades may sit idly by and watch the world fall into this "orderly chaos" I cannot stand for it.

It is time my friends. It is time we STAND UP AND FIGHT. A new era is near, and I plan to help you to my best abilities. You see, I have become... close... with a few members of the Party. I know information that could ultimately bring them down. That is why I need YOU! Join me my friends! JOIN ME AND FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT.

This message is for "The Party." Your age of
Tyranny is over. It's time that you are stopped.

I am the wrench, In your plan. I am the voice of reason.

Expect me.


“It is impossible to win the race unless you venture to run, impossible to win the victory unless you dare to battle.”
-Richard M. DeVos